About Us

Quinn Laird – Chief of Police

The Herrin Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency that is comprised of professional and dedicated employees who work within the various diverse divisions of the department.  We are dedicated to advancing the profession of law enforcement within the department thereby enhancing our abilities to proudly serve the citizens of our community.

The Herrin Police Department includes the Police Chief, Deputy Chief, Administrative Assistant, Investigative Sergeant, two Investigators, two Patrol Sergeants, twelve Patrol Officers, Agent with the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group, and five part-time Patrol Officers.  There are also six full-time Telecommunication Officers and seven part-time Telecommunication Officers.


Herrin Police detectives are responsible for the follow-up investigations of reports taken by patrol officers.  Detectives with the Herrin Police Department are also part of the Williamson County Major Case Squad, which is a combined effort of the Sheriff’s Office and police departments within Williamson County.  The Major Case Squad is activated if and when a major crime occurs, such as a homicide.

Sergeants & Patrol:

The Patrol Division of the Herrin Police Department has been organized and is staffed to provide patrol coverage 24 hours of every day.  It is the duty of each sworn member of the department, specifically the patrol section, to provide or make available uninterrupted police service to our city and all persons therein.

Responsibilities of Sergeants and Patrol Officers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Respond to all emergency calls on a priority basis and provide service as required or make referrals to appropriate agencies;
  • Take appropriate action when a crime has been committed and in response to dispatched requests for service;
  • Provide zone coverage and perform duties to effectuate the accomplishment of the police mission;
  • Identify and apprehend violators of city codes, state statutes, or federal codes;
  • Monitor and enforce traffic laws as needed to insure safe, expeditious vehicular movement within the city;
  • Utilize traffic analysis information to provide unique enforcement of traffic law violations;
  • Provide the preliminary investigation of all cases, preserve evidence, and effect arrest when appropriate; and
  • Information sharing with appropriate department components or governmental agencies.

In addition to the regular patrol officer duties, our Sergeants also have supervisory responsibilities such as review and approval of all police and accident reports, personnel scheduling, and many other duties. 


The Telecommunications Division of the Herrin Police Department are responsible for answering hundreds of calls daily and for knowing the resources needed to serve the city of Herrin – from the most tragic situations, such as accidents and emergencies, to simple questions, such as providing directions.

All communications officers are certified operators of the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (otherwise know as “LEADS”).  In addition, each officer has completed training in the following:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Emergency calls, Crisis calls
  • Blood-Borne Pathogens
  • Crimes in progress
  • Homeland Security for 911 Professionals

Responsibilities of the Communications Officer include:

  • Officer safety
  • 911 Emergency Calls and Dispatching Police, Fire and EMS
  • Non-Emergency Calls
  • Radio Traffic
  • Receiving the public and making referrals to the appropriate resources
  • Assisting other police agencies with information, backgrounds, etc
  • Data logs
  • Employee duty times
  • Vehicle maintenance records
  • Report numbers
  • Monitor hazardous weather and activate storm sirens